What to consider when doing a whole house makeover for your cabinets?

What to consider when doing a whole house makeover for your cabinets?


There are lots of different reasons for renovations. Some renovate it for a better living. Some do it for real estate purposes. Even sometimes when you just purchase the property, you still want to renovate the space. The reasons could be varied.  from inefficient plumbing to the unreasonable layout.


To start with, you might want to change the layout, the flooring, the lighting. These are the skeleton of your household. Later on, you might start thinking about changing the cabinets, countertop, and appliances. These are more likely the "organs" that help your household function.


People tend to feel more pressure when they need to renovate more than 1 space in their house. So in this blog, Kitchen Pro will share some tips for those who want to do their whole house renovation.

Make your own list for renovation

Ask yourself how many projects you want to start with your house. Then make your own summarized list. Some people want to have the whole package at once. They may want to do the kitchen, entertainment wall units, walk-in closet, vanities, etc all at the same time. While some may finish some of the projects first, then start the rest. There are no problems at all with either way. Yet finalizing the list help you take better control of the budget and timeline. It also helps you to determine whether you require a contractor.

Browse and research 

Doing your whole house renovation is more complicated compared with just renovating your kitchen. Most people want to make every space in their house unify in style. And at the same time, be differentiated from each one of them. You might consider hiring a professional interior designer to guide you through the design and planning process.


You need to do lots of research and browse lots of interior design pictures if you want to do it all by yourself. It is the same idea as doing one of your big assignments when you are still at school. Spend more time and effort, and you earn the outcome you deserve.

Finalize your main purpose

After so many browsing and researching, now it's time to think a bit before the head. Ask yourself what is your need for each space. For example, if you are in a 10-people household, you definitely need a much bigger kitchen with probably more than one access to the sink. Or, when you are from a married family, you need to consider both of your and your spouse’s needs.

Get your permit for renovation

If some major structural changes are needed, such as plumbing or electrical modification, these kinds of home improvement usually require a permit. To find out whether you need a permit for your work, you can simply make a call to your local city offices and speak with a representative about your situation and get suggestions.

Find local professionals and get started!

Once you feel that you have done enough “pre-work”, maybe it’s time to get some help from local professionals. Get some estimate, shop around, make comparisons, and make your decision.


Kitchen pro is always here to provide you with the fine quality custom-made product.  Everything is 100% Canadian sourced and made. Do not give up your opportunity to get a free consultation, measurement and design!



Some of our whole house cabinetry project

minimalist modern kitchen

Main kitchen


Main kitchen


Master Ensuite


Guest Vanity


Laundry Room


Closet Pantry & Bench

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