Kitchen storage space solution – Here are some tips for you | Kitchen Pro Cabinets

Kitchen storage space solution – Here are some tips for you | Kitchen Pro Cabinets

Kitchens are easily cramped and messed just simply because there are too many appliances and gadgets that need to be taken care of. So when you are remodeling your cabinets, you want to explore as much as possible and seek solutions to lift and upgrade the functionality of the kitchen. So in this article, Kitchen Pro is sharing some tips for you to obtain more space for storage when redoing your kitchen cabinets.

How about some shelving?

Adding shelving inside the cabinets help you to maximize the usage of both upper and lower space inside the unit. Make the shelves adjustable so that you can easily control the height anytime to accommodate gadgets of any sizes.

Drawers, drawers, drawers!

Comparing with cabinets, the drawer seems to be a better player when it comes to storage. Customized your drawers with dividers or pegboards to make it a perfect fit for your utensils, pans, cutting boards, or bowls and plates. This provides easy assess to all stored items. Simply by pulling out the drawers, every item is displayed right in front of you. Unlike keeping them in the cabinets, sometimes you need to remove some items first before you get the one you are looking for from the deeper storage space.

Want to conceal your drawer? No Problems

Out of the design purposes, you may not prefer too many drawers to be seen in your kitchen. You want a balanced portion between the number of drawers and cabinets. When this happens, maybe you can consider having inside pull out drawer in the cabinets or pantry.
This provides a more precise organization while keeping the cabinets look from the outside.


Make good use of the corner

If your kitchen layout is an “L” or “U” shape, then you will be having at least one corner space in your kitchen. Due to the structure of the cabinets, if you just have regular cabinets here, it would be difficult for people to reach the deeper area, which shows deficiencies in utilizing space. In this case, you could consider accessories to have from the following
Lazy Susan – Corner cabinet’s organizer with a rotating tray inside
Magic Corner – Corner cabinets with pull out cabinets

Make good use of the accessories

Everyone wants a well-decor and tidy kitchen. The secret of it is to hide and conceal every little item in an organized way. There are many different types of accessories for kitchen cabinets and each of them has different features and functions to help you keep the space in good order. Below is a list of the most popular accessories with functional efficiency. You can upgrade your kitchen space by simply having some of the below and this will greatly boost up the functionality of your kitchen

-Spice pull out

-Pull out garbage bin

-Tower rack

-Wine rack

-Broom closet


Garbage Pull-out

Need more suggestions? We are here to help

Need suggestions on kitchen remodeling? Just simply give us a call, send us an email, or visit our showroom. Kitchen Pro is here to provide you with good quality products and excellent customer service.

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