Kitchen cabinets, to replace or not to

Kitchen cabinets, to replace or not to


Replacing existing kitchen cabinets is a big decision to make for most people. After all, unlike getting new clothing, kitchen remodeling obviously needs much more consideration in terms of cost control, enhancing real estate value and its functionality. So, how can you determine whether is time to get your kitchen cabinets a makeover. How do you know kitchen remodel is what you need, whether is to accommodate a better living or to resale? We would suggest you start by asking yourself a few little questions first.

How is the condition of your old kitchen (cabinets, flooring, lighting, appliances, etc)?

Redoing your kitchen is like selling a product to yourself in the future. Knowing its original conditions give you better hints on where you should invest on. Just like the evaluation before selling a property, you also need to give your old kitchen cabinets an assessment before you decide whether it needs to be redone.

Check your kitchen cabinet - What were the old kitchen cabinets made of? Was it made of cheap materials? Are the cabinets damaged by water? Are they wrapped, broken, or peeling off?  If most answers for the above questions were “yes”, then your kitchen might need a remodel just simply because the old cabinets were torn up. Then consider your budget and see what kind of material you want to go with if you remodel your kitchen.

Check your kitchen function - do you have easy access to different items in the kitchen? Or you do need to remove some items first before you get it. Are the doors and drawers getting stuck or slammed? Do you have enough space for storage? Take your personal habit into consideration when using the kitchen cabinets. And invest in different accessories such as spice pull out, garbage pulls out. This will greatly boost up your experiences using it while meeting your storage need.

 Check your kitchen appliances – how are the old appliances working? Do you want to keep them in place or you want to change all or some of them? What size of appliances do you feel most comfortable to go with?

Your feeling about your existing kitchen cabinets design, and why?

Do you feel tired of your old kitchen? If the answer was yes, dig deeper and find out the reason behind it. This will help you specified your need for your future kitchen and you can use it as a highlight or reminder when discussing the layout or design with your designer.  It could be the style of the kitchen was out of fashion; it could be you realizing the layout of your old kitchen was dysfunctional, making it difficult and inconvenient when you use the kitchen. Or maybe the kitchen just does not suit your lifestyle anymore.

Everyone wants their kitchen to be a warm, welcoming, and comfortable space. And everyone should enjoy spending time with the loved one in their lovely kitchen. If you don’t feel the happy and relaxed feeling staying at your kitchen, then maybe you should remodel your kitchen and turn it into your dream kitchen where you prepare food, enjoy your meal and throw gathering events.


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