Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Remodel——Stunning Makeovers | Kitchen Pro Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Remodel——Stunning Makeovers | Kitchen Pro Cabinets

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The kitchen is always the heart zone of a home. Nowadays, the kitchen is more than just a kitchen.  It is the space for meal-prep and cooking. Also, it's ' the space for dining, get-together, and other social events.  The kitchen plays an important role in our life serving multi-purpose, which made the kitchen remodel a  vital and worthy decision to take.


Want to start your kitchen cabinets remodeling but don't know where to start? Relax! We will help you get through the whole process step by step!

Don‘t push yourself on kitchen remodeling

To make the first step at the beginning stage, please be aware that you do not need to push yourself into making every detailed decision. Browse for idea pictures and show them to your designer.

Let them know what you are looking for exactly so they can provide better suggestions. Try to focus on the big picture at the beginning instead of all details.  If you don’t know what you are looking for specifically, no need to worry as you still have lots of time to decide afterward while knocking down the final layout.

Now, let’s take a look at one of our past kitchen cabinets remodeling projects and get some inspiration.


Let's take a look at the old kitchen cabinets before any changes were made. Pictures were taken when we go for the first measurement. The old kitchen cabinets was separated from the dining room by a wall in between. The old kitchen cabinets looks  small and cramp. The old cabinets and countertops were outdated and stained.

After - Spacious and Unified Kitchen

We suggested the customer take down the partition wall and bulkhead. In this way, we would make enough space for the new kitchen cabinets and the second level glass cabinets on top. Also, we got more access to natural light after changes were made. With overhang on both sides, the center island introduces at least eight extra seating, which perfectly replaces the old dining area while creating a room for daily dining and social gathering. After the remodeling, the new kitchen looks much more spacious, airy, and modern.

In Conclusion

When you start planning on kitchen remodeling, here are a few things that we suggest you start from. Try to determine what style of kitchen you are looking for and collect your ideal pictures. Then pick your door material based on your budget. And most importantly, think about what layout you want for your new kitchen.


Browse lots of pictures from all different sources and seek ideas. Brainstorm and picture how your kitchen will look like after the remodeling and think about what you really like to have in a kitchen and to satisfied what purpose. By doing these, you should know better on the kitchen overall look you want with less pressure.

Need help from professionals? No Problem!

Kitchen Pro is here ready at any time. Just simply give us a call, send us an email, or pop into our showroom for a free consultation, estimate, or design.

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