Reasons why you should go with Open-Style-Kitchen | kitchen pro cabinets

open style kitchen

Reasons why you should go with Open-Style-Kitchen | kitchen pro cabinets

For years open-style kitchen has been a widespread home trend and is fond of by an increasing amount of followers. Is an open-style kitchen really a perfect fit for you and your family? Some people concern that an open kitchen may perform poorly in the oil-vaper and smoke control. Yet considering the new energy-saving and powerful appliances launched into the market and the healthier lifestyle among people, this kind of problem can be easily resolved. As long as the kitchen was planned and designed properly, an open-style-kitchen would definitely add value to your home space and benefit yourself with a better lifestyle.


So what exactly are the advantages of an open-style kitchen? The benefits are as follow

open style kitchen

Greater space, wider vision, and airier

An open-style-kitchen is usually connected with the other home space such as the living room, dining area, and so forth. Without the partitions and walls, the kitchen space will appear to be bigger and wider. Besides, an open kitchen will also improve the lighting and air circulation in the house as the kitchen would get more natural lighting without any blocks and barriers. As for those who have a smaller size of home space, lack of space and mobility are always an issue bugging the homeowners. And an open-plan kitchen could be a perfect solution making your house looks much bigger.

More storage space

Many think that an open style kitchen takes lots of space and is only suitable for big houses. Yet the fact is, an open kitchen is also a perfect fit for a house of a smaller size! The traditional closed kitchens are usually very small as it was restricted in a single room. You would find it difficult to find rooms for lots of major appliances such as a bigger fridge, microwave and coffee machine, etc. These “homeless” appliances always end up sitting on the counter, which makes your kitchen look badly organized. The truth is, for a household of any size, an open plan kitchen will greatly improve the efficiency of storage without leaving the space too crowded and cluttered.

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Better communication with families and guests

Preparing meals in an open kitchen, your vision can reach the living and dining room at the same time. This allows you to do meal prep and communicate with your families or guest at the same time. If you are a mom or dad of a newborn, you will be able to cook while watching your kids playing with toys in the living room. It would be a great help in saving your time and relieving your concern about leaving the kids alone. With a better mood, you make better food.

Tips for planning an open-style-kitchen

Minimize smoke and noise

Again, the smoke issue is always the biggest concern when it comes to an open kitchen. Yet even for the traditional closed kitchen, the issue of smoke and oil vapor is inevitable. The key solution to this problem is to choose your range hood carefully. No matter what kind of style you decided to go with, pick the one that has higher performance on recirculating and extraction with less noise.


Solution to storage

Tidiness is an important point when doing an open-style kitchen. It would be better if you do not put too many items on the counter and keep the uniform among the main color palettes. Reserve enough room for storage when planning your kitchen. Make full use of different accessories such as a magic corner and double drawer.

Pick the right tiling

Because an open style kitchen is connected to the living room and dining space, the requirement for design is higher as the style of all space need to stay harmonize. Pick the right tiling that would not make a conflict between each space.

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