Kitchen cabinets that suit the winter theme and looks good throughout the year | Kitchen Pro Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that suit the winter theme and looks good throughout the year | Kitchen Pro Cabinets

The Winter season is coming! Are you getting busy preparing for the holiday? Actually, winter could be a good time for renovation if you got it planned ahead. After all, what could be better than having a new kitchen for the holiday?!  So in this blog, Kitchen Pro is going to heat your prospect mind with some color combination that could be a great fit for your kitchen cabinets all year round, and at the same time, suitable for the winter and holiday theme!

Elegant - White & Grey Kitchen Cabinets

To begin with, white & grey kitchen cabinets remodel is always popular among homeowners. Their pairing together could complete any clean and sophisticated look whether is contemporary or modern. Besides, both colors are neutral. This adds a touch of warmth and contrasts to the kitchen. Also, neutral tone cabinets make it easy to match with appliances and hardware with a different texture.

Some of the popular color option

Cloud White CC40

Cloud white is one of the most popular choices of the Designer Classic Collection. It is a soft warm white paint with a creamy base color.

Chantilly Lace –OC65

Chantilly Lace is a great option if you are looking for a pure bright white. Without a warm or cool undertone, this color looks clean, fresh, and simple with great versatility.

Collingwood – OC28

Collingwood is a balanced warm grey color that comes with a neutral color tone.  It is a more subtle and welcoming color compare with grey with a pure cool undertone.

Classic – Natural finish kitchen cabinets

If you start feeling tired of a white kitchen with a solid color, maybe you can consider matching it with natural wood grain finish cabinets. White or black cabinetry features with natural accents work well in lots of high ends modern or farmhouse style kitchen. This kind of combination would bring out the raw and authentic elements from the design. Also, this would be a universal combination for year-round! With little simple decoration, the kitchen would turn absolutely stunning and welcoming for the holiday season!

Romantic – Blue & White kitchen cabinets

A less popular trend in winter theme color kitchen cabinets features a blue and white kitchen. Yet this is a combination that would differentiate your kitchen cabinets from others, with a unique and sleek overall look. As blue is revealed as the world’s most relaxing color. A touch of blue always adds a fresh, clean, and sophisticated look to your space.

Buckland Blue HC-151

Buckland Blue is a color from the Historic Color Collection. This refined, elegant color could make your space unique and timeless.


This color is from the Affinity Color Collection. It’s a darker blue that is closer to black. It is a calm and sophisticated color that can suit the either traditional or contemporary kitchen.

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