Cabinets Upgrade | Before and after | An amazing makeover for the master ensuite

Cabinets Upgrade | Before and after | An amazing makeover for the master ensuite


What comes to your mind when you want to do your first home upgrade? Was it always the kitchen cabinets? Actually, not everyone is ready for a big renovation at any time. Besides, that requires more conservative budget planning.

Why not start from the vanities?! You would definitely use this area every day. Moreover, sometimes just a little upgrade could make a great difference! Totally worth it! In this blog, Kitchen Pro will show you one of our recent vanity remodel project. Hope you guys will get some inspiration!

Vanity Cabinets Remodel


To start with, let us check out this master ensuite remodel from one of our customers from Richmond Hill. The customer was our old friend from 2017. We helped her build the kitchen at that time. 3 years passed. Now she decided to renovate her bathrooms. The job was just finished around September. And I personally love the transformation. The bathroom got a lot of space. Yet it was a pity that it was not planned efficiently. The overall layout was very outdated and not reasonable.


Let’s take a closer analysis of the layout. The old bathroom was segmented into three parts to provide areas for a double sink, bathtub, and shower area. Considering the customer had not been using the tub for years. We decided to take that area out. Instead, we gonna transfer the shower area to where the tub was sitting. In this way, she will get sufficient space for the shower area. Also, it is easier to clean and maintain.

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As for the area were used to be the shower room, we decided to turn it into a super cool mini walk-in closet! We also add a set of open shelves that goes up to the ceiling for all little small gadgets. What I also like about this closet is that it got a full-size mirror door! How convenient! It would be super easy for you to check on your without a headache!

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the transformation on the main part! The double sink vanity! The upgraded vanity consists of a set of a drawer, two sets of single door cabinets, 2 sets of put out, and two sets of corner medicine cabinets. It is more reasonably planned and easier to use compare with the old design.

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