Cabinets Remodel Project| Tips on creating a traditional kitchen

Cabinets Remodel Project| Tips on creating a traditional kitchen

Nowadays a modern-style kitchen gets a lot of attention. Despite the rise in contemporary and farmhouse designs, traditional kitchens are still among the most popular kitchen styles. Their basic color palette and splendid design scheme create a beautiful space that’s sure to stay within style trends for a long time. So in this blog article, Kitchen Pro gonna share one of our recently finished traditional kitchen remodel projects. Also, we will share some tips for you on how to create a traditional style kitchen. Now let's take a look!

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This recently finished kitchen features with traditional wood door with Anti-white color and glazing on top. The custom hood canopy was designed with special art wood decorations. And you will see lots of other wood carved decorative element in this kitchen remodel. As for the countertop and backsplash, the customer decided to go with granite Taj Mahal with an upgraded bullnose edge to achieve the overall natural look.

Here are some tips for you- cabinets remodel in traditional style


As known by the majority, the key feature of traditionally designed kitchens is their attention to detail. Each area of the room should have detailing and embellishments that look layered, but not overbearing. Creating a traditional kitchen with greatly designed detail is not simple work to do. It is not like just putting a decorative wood art here and there. Here are some tips for creating a traditional style kitchen.

Natural wood materials

Men made materials that are not often used in creating a traditional style kitchen. Instead, natural wood materials would be a great fit in this case. For example, a stained solid wood door would be able to give the room a comfortably layered appeal.

Avoid too much straight line

Try to avoid too much straight line in your kitchen if you want to make your kitchen more traditional. For example, the hardware with shape and detail would bring more interest to space. When it comes to door style, raised or recessed panel cabinets could be a good idea. These doors usually have an elaborate profile and large moldings.

Custom build in hood

Custom build in the hood is always the focal point in the kitchen. A well-designed canopy could add lots of interest to space.

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