Countertop Guide | Want your new counter install? Here are some tips for you

Countertop Guide | Want your new counter install? Here are some tips for you



One of the fastest and most budget-friendly options for home improvement is to replace your countertop! Within 1 week or two, you will be able to get your brand new counter after you pick the slab. When upgrading your counter for the first time, you might have no idea where to start. So in this blog article, we will be sharing some tips for you on what to pay attention to throughout the whole process.

Before Order the countertop

At the beginning stage, your first mission is to pick the style of the countertop and sink. It would be suggested if you visit the supplier showroom to check how the whole slabs look like, especially when the slab got heavy veins.  After all, it will be difficult to tell how the overall veins would appeal only by checking the small sample. Besides, you need to remove the old counter at least one day before the installation. This will ensure sufficient time for your counter installation, and delays will be avoided.

Before installation

Before the installation, you need to ensure the plumbing will be disconnected until the new sink is ready. Also, you need to arrange ahead of time to make sure you or a representative will be on-site on the date of installation. If the installer got anything that needs confirmation, they can speak to someone.

Depending on the scale of work, two or more installers will be sent to your place. In this case, it would be easier and faster for them to work when the entrance and kitchen is clutter-free. So do not forget to clear the path from the entrance to the kitchen. And move away from the breakable items in your kitchen.

After the installation

After the completion of the counter and sink install, now it is time to contact your contactor for electrical and hydro connection. This usually happens on the second day after the installation. It will ensure the silicone in-between are fully dry and sealed.

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