Kitchen Remodel Idea| How to create an easy-to-clean kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Idea| How to create an easy-to-clean kitchen.


Name one of the most difficult spaces to clean and organize in your household. Is your kitchen the first that comes to your mind? Being a multifunctional space, kitchens get dirty and messy so easily. Without saying that all the groceries and gadgets need to be stored, it takes lots of effort to deal with the stains, spills, and grease. So in this article, Kitchen Pro will help you relieve the burden and share some kitchen remodel ideas with you on how to create an easy-to-clean kitchen.

Easy-to-clean kitchen remodel idea 1 - Backsplash

Leaving the plaster wall uncovered in your kitchen, you might find it really hard to get rid of the grease mark and stain on it. Especially for the area around the stove or cooktop. Backsplash with a smooth finish can add interest to space. And at the same time, stain and grease can be wiped down much more easily from the backsplash. Investing in full-size backsplash might seem a bit pricey, it could be a worthy and useful long-term investment for your kitchen to last for years to come.

Easy-to-clean kitchen remodel idea 2 - Cabinets all the way up to the ceiling

One of the biggest trends in the cabinet remodels industry is that most people now will go with cabinets that go up to the ceiling. In this way, dust on top could be greatly minimized. After all, no one is gonna stand on a stool and try to clean the top of the cabinet regularly. Too much work for nowadays homeowners with faster life pace.

Easy-to-clean kitchen remodel idea 3 - Accessories(e.g Spice pull out; built-in garbage bin)

Don't you feel tired of putting those bottles of spice in order ? Exploring and taking possible accessories options can ease your pain. Accessories such as spice-pull-out, pull-out garbage bin and magic corner, etc. can greatly improve the functionality of your kitchen.

Easy-to-clean kitchen remodel idea 4 - Undermount Sink

Topmount sink is no longer within the trends. Undermount sink does. You can easily wipe all the small crumbs and spill on your counter without getting stuck by the edges.

Easy-to-clean kitchen remodel idea 5 - Engineered Stone Countertop

Natural stone used to be very popular. People tended to choose natural stone such as marble or granite as their counter options because of the natural and luxurious looks. However, due to the porous structure of the natural stone. It required regular maintenance to prevent it from getting stains and cracks. In this case, engineered stone such as quartz has a much lower maintenance cost. As the surface of the engineered stone is non-porous and sealed during the manufacturing process, it becomes more resistant.


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