Transitional Kitchen Remodel – Stunning Transformation In The Smaller Kitchen

Transitional Kitchen Remodel – Stunning Transformation In The Smaller Kitchen

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With the lockdown almost coming to the end, August felt like the perfect time to share some of our favorite kitchen remodels in the past few months. Due to the pandemic, many of us had to postpone the plan for home improvements. While spending a lot more time staying at home compared with the old times, people never really stop dreaming about what they really want for their living space. For those who want to look into more detail about cabinetry remodel, do not hesitate to keep following our blog updates to get some insights and more concrete ideas about how a cabinet remodel could go.


In this article, we are sharing with you guys how the transformation could be done in a smaller size kitchen

image2 (5)

Here is how the kitchen looks originally. Pictures were taken when our designer went for the first measurement. On the good side, the original kitchen had a reasonable layout. It had a great kitchen work triangle among the three primary players(fridge, stove, and sink). Yet on the other side, cabinets and finishes were outdated. Also, the height of the uppers was far away from the ceiling. This could make cleaning pretty difficult

And let’s see how the remodel turned out.

The layout was kept. However, we had made lots of changes in the cabinets themselves.

Brand new color

Abandoning absolute uniformity could make a strong case sometimes. If you choose the right paints and color to go with, you will be able to get the best of both world. In this project, we have incorporated Benjamine Moore CC-40 and HC-154 to create the sophisticated contrast in the space providing the impression of larger space.

Build-in hood

The hood is for sure the focal point in a kitchen under most circumstances. In this transitional kitchen remodel, we have the hood built into to the customized cover to achieve a more uniform appearance. Meanwhile, we tried to keep the line simple to avoid going too traditional.

Extra storage

To maximize storage while maintaining the balance in the overall look. We put a few sets of pantries and drop-down cabinets in the kitchen. To add more interest, we also incorporated glass doors with trim design in this project.

What do you think about this kitchen?

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