Toronto Cabinets| Transitional Whole House Cabinetry Remodel

Two tone kitchen with walnut island

Toronto Cabinets| Transitional Whole House Cabinetry Remodel

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In this blog article, we are sharing one of our favorite whole-house remodel projects in the past season with you guys located at Etobicoke. It took us approximately 3 months of turnaround time from start to finish. The project includes the main kitchen, a basement bar, a master ensuite, and few guest vanities.

Starting from the main kitchen. Here are some of the highlights

Natural Wood Finishes | Toronto Cabinets

Two-tone kitchens had been a very popular option for kitchen renovation. How about mixing it with the natural wood finishes? That could help to add a touch of authenticity and coziness to your space. In this kitchen, we have incorporated a walnut solid wood finish to build the central island. After the staining procedure, the natural wood grain was still reserved to be seen.

Automatic Lift Up Display Screen | Toronto Cabinets

The main kitchen area was pretty spacious. So there is plenty of space for a bigger size island. We have designed a T shape layout and second level for the island part to achieve more functionality. One side could be used for a meal prep station, while the other size could be used for a dinner table where you throw a getaway dinner with your loved one. Not sure if everyone would like to watch something while eating or chilling. Yet television could absolutely be a great atmosphere maker for a home party. Thus we have built an automatic lift-up display system for the clients to enrich their dining experiences for multiple occasions.

Hidden Entrance | Toronto Cabinets

The hidden entrance is one of our favorite parts of this kitchen. Although it’s not that feasible from the outside, the cabinets beside the glass display unit actually create a hidden pathway leading to the family room, which adds lots of points of interest into the space.



Moving forward, let's take a look at the bar we built in the basement.

What we like most in this kitchen is the L shape open shelves for display. After the built in potlight were installed, the space was lighten up. It helps building up a really nice charismas and atmosphere in the basement for people to enjoy and relax.

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Master vanity | Toronto Cabinets

The master vanity we built for this project consists of two parts: the double sink main vanity and the corner dress-up table unit. We add an additional two sets of drawers on each side as well as the medicine drop-down cabinets to utilize the space for storage as much as possible.

Mater Ensuite
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What do you think about this kitchen?

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