Kitchen Remodel at Pickering| Before and After

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Kitchen Remodel at Pickering| Before and After


Here is what the kitchen looked like before the remodelling. This was taken during the process of the first measurement. As we can see, the ceiling used to be rounded by the bulkhead, which looked outdated and was not efficient speaking of space organizing. When the customer first came to us. They talked about their needs and how they wanted to do their kitchen updates. The biggest issue they faced was stemming from the outdated design and limited space. And they do not feel enjoyable being in the kitchen due to the outdated design and limited space. Also, they were considering selling the house in the shortcoming future. Investing in the interior reno could add great additional value for real estate. Ideally, they would like to pursue an overall contemporary look and keep the budget in a friendly range as much as possible.

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Planning and Design

The overall appearance the customer wanted for the kitchen was contemporary but cozy with a mix of natural elements. 

Overall we went with the two-tone colour theme with a mix of dark brown stains to build a natural vibe. We also added additional wooden piece decoration to the vent to create a focal point.

Also, to improve the functionality of the kitchen, we extended the main area with an individual island. The island could serve the space as a meal prep station, get-together area as well as storage space. 

Similarly, the extended area on the side of the stove would greatly increase the storage space in the kitchen, making cooking an enjoyable experience in your life. Except for regular upper, we also add a few sets of pantries to maximize storage, without breaking the visual appeal.

With no further adieu, let’s take a look at how it turned out eventually

kitchen after pic 1
kitchen after pic 2
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kitchen after pic3

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