Modern Kitchen Remodel| Toronto | Newmarket| Simple and Sophisticated

Modern Kitchen Remodel| Toronto | Newmarket| Simple and Sophisticated

In today’s blog, we are sharing one of our recent favourites, the modern style two-tone kitchen projects located in Newmarket. Initially, our customer bought the house last year. Then, they started to plan on their home upgrade the moment they finished closing for the house. Apparently, they were not a fan of the old kitchen look. Also, they were expecting a kitchen that made them wanna spend time cooking and spending time with families. Originally, the size of the kitchen was about half of the new one. Besides, it didn't have an island before the remodel. With no further adieu, let's take a look at how the kitchen turned out after the great renovation and relocation.

view from living room
tea station view

Tea Station

  First of all, as we approach the kitchen from the main entrance, we will see the tea station built on the sides of the kitchen. Although the tea station is not pretty big, it was carefully designed to provide both a space for prepping drinks for guests and to store family gadgets with an additional sink spot reserved.

kitchen view-1
built in lower display unit

Lower built in display unit

Walking past the tea station, we will get to our main kitchen. Facing the main kitchen, we will see a set of built-in lower cabinets on our right-hand side. This added a bit of visual interest to the space. Sometimes having drawers or cabinets for all lower unit some could seem a bit too busy. However, it could be a good idea to leave out some space by incorporating display units or open shelves if the kitchen got enough space.

Door style

Next, we are going to talk about the door materials. For this kitchen, we incorporated the high gloss flat panel. This kind of panel has sleek lines and is easy to clean, which makes it a popular option for the modern-style kitchen. Speaking of the overall colour scheme, we picked the matt black and walnut natural wood tone. Overall, we were aiming to achieve the modern minimalist look with a sense of natural spirit. With simplicity, comes sophistication.



In order to improve the functionalities of the kitchen, we incorporated a few popular accessories into this project. Specifically, some of the commonly selected accessories we add to this project include built-in garbage bin, utensil divider and spice pull out. Also, we have installed touch open systems for all the units at the backside of the island for easier access.

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