Kitchen Remodel | Mediterranean Style Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel | Mediterranean Style Kitchen Remodel

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Blue sea, sunshine and cool wind. What else would come into your mind when speaking of a Mediterranean-style kitchen? Inspired by the nature element, the Mediterranean-style kitchen always gives us a warm, welcoming and vibrant feeling. Although some Mediterranean-style kitchens seem to be outdated, you can still take some of their elements and incorporate them into your kitchen with a bit of mix and match to make it look more chic and modern. In this article, we will be sharing one of our recently finished kitchen remodel projects located in Woodbridge. With no further adieu, let’s take a look!


Rich Color

Most often, the most common colours you may likely see in Mediterranean-style kitchens are tone in blue, green, yellow or red. These common colour schemes were largely inspired by the natural surroundings of the region such as the sea or beaches. If you are worried such a bright colour combination would be too strong for your space, you may consider lightening it up a bit without breaking up the vibrant feelings with the incorporation of bright white. Just like what we did for this kitchen. Automatically and magically, this gives the kitchen a more modern appearance.


Rich Color

Artistic tiles are another good way to add interest to the space matching the style. After all, who doesn’t like the focal point to be a bit more contrasting and dramatic? If you want to keep the cabinet design more simple, definitely it could be worthwhile to consider making a bolder decision on the selection of artistic tiles. Luckily, we do have a wide range of options in terms of tiles materials from ceramic, porcelain, glass or marble etc. As long as the look or finish suits your needs, go for it.

IMG_4221 2

Curvy Elements

Similarly, as the style was largely inspired by the natural surroundings from the regions, it showcases a sense of fluidity. That means you would see a lot of designs with curvy shapes. For example, designs such as archways, round knobs, flared hoods are not uncommon to see in a mediterranean style kitchen. Just like what we did for this project, we have incorporated lots of curvy elements as can be noticed from the shape of the range hood, wood carved decoration at the island, and the raised panel door. Without mentioning the arch and the stunning lighting picked by our lovely clients, this way, the kitchen looks even more fascinating without breaking the balance between styles.

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