Kitchen and Bathroom Trend 2022

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Kitchen and Bathroom Trend 2022

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There is no doubt that 2021 has been a challenging year for everyone due to the pandemic.

However, it is not surprising that the pandemic has driven more attention to home improvement among many homeowners. With 2022 having rung the bell, maybe it’s time for us to look for some insight on the new trend.

According to NKBA, the primary home design trend would focus highly on naturally inspired themes, bolder colours, functionality, and the integration of new technologies.

Luckily, NKBA had already released the annual design report. And hundreds of industry professionals provided their insights on the new trend in the study. Now let’s take a look at some of the key highlights.

modern black top colour

Kitchen Trend | Nature-inspired themes and bolder colors theme

So what can we expect from kitchen trends in 2022?

As shown in the survey result, 44% of participants voted for modern and contemporary style cabinets. In comparison, 10% went with minimalist or eco style.

Meanwhile, organic and natural styles are predicted to be more prominent in both kitchens and bathrooms, especially among millennials. Also, the adoption of sizeable high-performance windows and entrances would be noticeable to improve natural lighting in the space.

As for the cabinetry colour, timber(oak or walnut) seems like the most popular choice. Specifically, about 39% of professionals voted for timber. That may be pushing white out from first place at 17%. Meanwhile, the majority(about 34%) also predicted that matte finish would become more popular, followed by semi-matte.

Next, about 12% of participants thought sage or green would become more trendy, which are pretty compatible with more natural designs.

Overall speaking, transitional kitchen design will continue to be popular white and gray are being pushed away from the first place.

At the same time, natural color is gaining popularity, such as greens and blues and other metallic colors such as gold. For fixtures, less shine, more matte, and brushed finishes in black, stainless, nickel, pewter are becoming preeminence.

Two tone kitchen with walnut island


Functionality is always the thing on top to consider when planning your home improvement. Since people had been spending more time at home during the pandemic, the functionality of the space was drawn to more attention.

Nowadays, the majority of professionals pointed out that a growing number of homeowners, especially millennial clients, are looking for flex space for work,  touchless fixtures, easy to clean surfaces and outdoor living areas.

Specifically, most homeowners are having the desire for space on these particular designs and features:

Large islands  - Possible for meal prep, get-together or work. May features extra seating, second-level island and outlets.

Pantries - That includes space for storage and working area for small appliances/coffee station.

Built-in features - Functionalities of space inside the cabinets were brought up. Possible accessories to go with include drying racks, cutting boards divider, pull-up systems etc.

Multifunctional bathroom - Bathrooms that connect to dressing areas and/or laundry facilities.

Features with special order back panel
Luxury Office Design


Technology is in growing demand for the year 2022. However, the overall integration still has a long way to go. Specifically, for vents/hoods, people look for innovation with less noise and more options in styles and sizes. For appliances, features such as alerts and voice-activated control are in growing demand.


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