How to Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

Custom Dream Kitchen Remodel

How to Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

Custom Dream Kitchen Remodel

Although designing your dream kitchen can be an exiting experience, it can also be eaqually daunting. Visualizing the finished product is one of the hardest parts of the remodeling process. Here at KitchenPro we will guide you on how to visualize your dream kitchen step by step to ensure you are able to enjoy it for years to come. The following article is a list of steps for you to follow to make your kitchen remodeling a breeze.

1. List Elements You Want

First and foremost, you should assess your needs and wants. What kind of accessories do you want in your kitchen? Do you want a free standing range or built in oven? There are a lot of aspects to determine before you can even start the layout and design. Do you need a pull out garbage? Spice pull out? It can go on and on...Here is a brief list to get you thinking of the different elements that can be incorporated in your dream kitchen.

1. Panel ready appliances

2. Pull outs

3. Pantry

4. Drop Down Cabinets

5. An Island or Peninsula

In the begining, having a rough idea of what you want to include will help you better vizualize the end result.

2. Understand Your Floorplan and Measurments

To further understand the cost of your dream kitchen, measurements and layout are crucial. Before shopping around for quotes, rough measurements should be taken to you can better determine what layout best fits your budget. The following will help you:

Rough Measurements Include:

  • Wall to wall
  • Ceiling Height
  • Bulk head width and height (if there is one, and keeping it)

Kitchen Layouts:

  • U Shape
  • Is there currently an island or room for one?
  • L Shape
  • Is there currently a peninsula or room for one?
  • Galley Kitchen

3. Brainstorm Some Kitchen Aesthetics

A Big portion of creating your dream kitchen is determining what kind of style you want. Are you looking for ultra modern? contemporary? Traditonal? There are so my styles to choose from, it mainly depends on your personality and aesthetic. Here are some common characteristics that go along with each style to get you thinking:


  • Flat doors (can be wood, matte, glossy, two-tone)
  • Waterfall edge counter
  • Push open doors or/ hidden handles
  • Minimal


  • Raised panel doors
  • Ornamentation, ornate fillers, corbels and posts


  • Shaker doors
  • Some accent fillers
  • Glass Accent doors

These are some popular styles that most homeowners choose when remodeling their kitchen. Make sure to have a clear understanding of each style before you continue.

4. Meet With One of Our Designers

Finally, meeting with a designer is the best way to fully understand the design of your kitchen. Once you have all your ideas, measurements and layout, a designer will give their input, solutions and create plans and a 3D model for visualization. At kitchenpro, we will help you to the best of our abilities to make sure you get your dream kitchen. 

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