Top Kitchen Trends 2023

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Top Kitchen Trends 2023

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Kitchens are likely the most used room in the house, and keeping it up to date and fresh is critical. When redesigning your kitchen, it's important to incorporate classic and timeless design, but with splash of colour and trendy accents to represent your personality. We are officially in 2023, for top kitchen trends we are predicting natural hues, bold pops of colours and modern accents.

1. Different Colour Island

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White Kitchens have been centre of attention for sometime now. With their sleek and modern aesthetic, they have been increasingly popular with home owners. White and neutral colours are still on the trend forecast for 2023 design, but we are seeing more homeowners bring bolder colours into their homes, including their cabinetry. A pop of colour in a white kitchen provides contrast and diversity.

2. Waterfall Edge Countertop

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Unlike a traditional countertop, a waterfall countertop extends to the floor, creating a sleek and dramatic look. It's most likely not to go out of style anytime soon, and can make a statement in any style kitchen.

3. Open Shelving

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Open Shelving adds personality and easy access to everyday essentials. It allows for a brighter and larger feeling kitchen. A mix of open shelving and cabinet doors creates a budget friendly solution as well stylish and trendy one!

4. Contemporary Flat Door Style

Top Kitchen Design Modern Contemperary Flat Door Modern Custom Cabinetry GTA Toronto InstallationMinimal Design

Flat door styles aka 'slab doors' work well with modern and contemporary kitchens design. Definetly one of the top kitchen trends of 2023. This door type is a great choice for people who want very little maintenance, as its very easy to clean.

5. Slab Backsplash

Top Kitchen Design Trends 2023 Shaker Door Slab Door Bold Colour Open Shelving Waterfall Edge Quartz Countertop

Slab Backsplashes are beginning to take centre stage due to its grand and luxurious feel. It's durability and easy cleanup are making it a preferred choice over tiled backsplashes.

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