Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Laundry room storage solutions

Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Laundry room storage solutions

Studies show that the average Canadian family does over 400 loads per year. That's a lot of time spent doing laundry! From folding clothes to separating blacks and whites, there are lots of tasks that are done here. Laundry rooms are often a space that can easily be overlooked, but it's a room that is often used. Makeing a functional and aesthetic laundry space will make your daily life a lot easier! The following article is going to give you some laundry room storage solutions.

Cabinets and Drawers For Storage

First and foremost, your laundry room storage solutions main component is cabinetry. A lot of cleaning supplies, linens, pet supplies etc., are stored in this room. Therefore, to keep your counter space clutter free, cabinets and drawers are a must. Custom cabinetry is the best way to create a high end and seamless look, while providing you with all the storage solutions you could possibly ask for. Basically, Cabinetry adds endless storage solutions while also creating a sleek and aesthetic space.

Storage Solutions / Accessories

When it comes to custom cabinetry, there is a variety of storage accessories and solutions that could be incorporated into the design. To keep things as neat and tidy as possible for you, we have made a list of storage accessories that could also be included into your design:

  • Pull out ironing board
  • Hanging rods
  • Pull out drying racks
  • incorporate cubbies for baskets etc.

These are just a few suggestions that could also be incorporated into your laundry room, there are many more. In summary, your laundry room should be an inviting and functional space.

laundry room storage solutions

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