What to consider when select the kitchen counter color?

What to consider when select the kitchen counter color?

Kitchen counter top plays a significant role in both functionality and aesthetics.  The countertop is the primary work area in the kitchen, it’s where cooking, preparing the other tasks. The color, materials, and design influence the visual appeal. A nice counter color can be the” icing on the cake”

Many of the homeowner had experienced the difficulty time when they selecting the stone color on kitchen, most of them are having few options and struggling which color could match perfectly to fit their new kitchen. Here we have some recommendation to solving your nightmare:


First of all, we need to understand all stone material

The most of counter top we using in these days are Quartz, Quartz is an engineered stone material and composed 90-95% natural quartz mixed with pigment and resins. It comes in a variety of color, solid color and patterns looks. It is very durability and resistant to scratched and stains.


Most of people they would like Granite stone on their kitchen counter, because it has natural patterns, color and veining. The looks for granite is a significant selling point for people who looking for aesthetics of the stone. Granite is heat-resistant and very suitable for cooking area with hot pots and pans placed directly on it.


Porcelain countertops come in a wide range of colors, patterns and finishes.  Porcelain countertops offer a durable and natural stone surface.


Tips 1: What is your overall kitchen design?

Consider your kitchen scheme if its modern kitchen, contemporary kitchen or classic kitchen design. Choose the stone color that complement or contract very well with your cabinet color, flooring and other small accessories.      

Tips 2: what is the color tone in the room? Match or Contrast….

When choosing the stone counter top color, we need to consider the colors in the area, like walls, floor and cabinet.  Either to match the same tone color or doing completely different color that can have more contrast.

To match the same tone color, if your cabinets are mostly white with stainless steel appliances and polished finish handle hardware, lighting and faucet. You could do pure white stone or calacatta pattern white stone. Sometime the neutral tone stone would be the nice one to linked all together

To have contrast stone counter top, for example if we have pure white kitchen cabinet with light floor color, we could match with darker tone counter top or darker pattern stone. This way adds more interesting without feeling bored, and it is very catching the eye by first look. On the opposite way, if your kitchen cabinet are darker color, then we could match with pure white or less veining stone. Sometimes the more contract we have in the kitchen, the better visual effect.

Tips 3: Look at samples (slabs) in person

When you visit local custom kitchen showroom, we always seen lots of small samples for each s tone color, sometime the small sample couldn’t tell too much on the tone and the patterns size. So, it is very important to check out the real slab by visit local stone supplier. It will help you to determine and minimize the choices.  Don’t forget to bring your color sample and floor sample to match.

Tips 4: Your personal preferences- please trust yourself.

Some of the homeowner they do have their own preferences on the color, however they are still frustrated to make decision because there are so many choices, color variety and control on the budget. People could make the wrong decision with overanxiety, so please trust your instincts and pick the color your genuinely love. It is very important that you feel comfortable and happy with your choice.



Kitchen remodel and renovation is big challenges to some homeowner and there is no one-size fits-all answer. It would be the best choices as long as the color aligns with your preferences and overall kitchen design.


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