Top 5 Cabinet Colours

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Top 5 Cabinet Colours

Sky's the limit when choosing colours for your custom kitchen cabinets. It can be quite overwhelming trying to pick the perfect colour or colour combo. Therefore, that's why we put a list together of the top 5 cabinet colour choices from Benjamin Moore, to aid in your decision-making.

1. Top White Cabinet Colours

White has been top of the list as one of the most popular colours for cabinets for a while now. Its classic and timeless appeal undoubtedly makes it a perfect option. As you know, there are many different kinds of white to choose from. The undertone of the white can change the overall feel and look of a kitchen, choosing a more creamy undertone can make a kitchen look more traditional while choosing a grey undertone can make a kitchen look more crisp and modern. Here is a list of top white cabinet colours from Benjamin Moore, varying from warm-cool undertones.

  • Cloud White (CC-40): This creamy white with a subtle yellow undertone, is the most popular off-white colour.
  • White Dove (OC-17): This neutral white is also a popular choice for a clean and minimal-looking kitchen.
  • Chantilly Lace (OC-65):  A classic crisp choice to make sure your cabinets stand out.


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top 5 cabinet colours

2. Top Gray Cabinet Colours

Despite white taking centre stage, gray is another simple yet effective choice for cabinets. Whether in a kitchen or bathroom, it makes the space feel modern and moody. A popular approach to using gray in the kitchen is as an accent, either on the island or for base cabinets. If having a white kitchen is too plain for you, adding a pop of gray can help break up the space while also keeping it minimal and clean. The following is a list of top grey colours, that vary from warm to cool.

  • Iron Mountain (2134-30): A greyish black with a neutral undertone that will pair well with a warm or cool colour palette.
  • Silver Spring (2120-50): Light powdery grey that will help bring a room together.
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top 5 cabinet colours

3. Top Blue Cabinet Colours

Blue is the perfect accent colour if you're looking to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or living space. Adding it to an island or base cabinets can make a space feel inviting and bright. Blue is a perfect transition colour if you're looking for something other than white or grey. The top gray cabinet colours are as follows.

  • Hale Navy (HC-154): A dusky navy that bridges blue with gray.
  • Bold Blue (2064-10): Deep dark indigo that will stand the test of time while being the perfect accent colour.
top 5 cabinet colours
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4. Top Black Cabinet Colours

If you're looking to make an ultra-modern kitchen or a bold statement, black is the best shade for achieving that. Painting your cabinets black can create a truly mesmerizing space, whether it's in a large or small space, it will add a lot of dimension. If your looking to create a transitional space, a pop of black will work well as an accent to help anchor new and traditional styles. These are a few top options for black, from deepest blacks to charcoal blacks.

  • Black (HC-190): Deep pure black that will transform any room.
  • Black Iron (2120-20): Dusky black with a cool undertone.
  • Black Ink (2127-20): Cool dusty black with a slight tint of blue.
top 5 cabinet colours

5. Top Green Cabinet Colours

Finally, Green is a natural earth-toned colour that helps tie in wood colours and textures. It's the perfect colour to warm up space while adding personality and dimension. It has become increasingly popular in kitchens and various rooms in the house over the past five years. A deep almost black green is the best way to uniquely incorporate some colour even if you still want to keep the space relatively neutral. If you're feeling more whimsical and earthy, a dusty green would be perfect. The two most popular shades of green to use on cabinets is the following.

  • Essex Green (HC-188): A deep forest green with a tint of black to bring the outdoors inside.
  • Webster Green (HC-130): This dusty green has subtle notes of yellow and cream, also making it a perfect accent colour.
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