Tips on Creating The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

The perfect farmhouse kitchen

Tips on Creating The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse style doesn't only have to be for the country. This versatile design approach has become increasingly popular over the last decade, and rightfully so. Its clean lines, soft hues and flexible style are some of the reasons it grew in popularity. Currently, we are straying away from 'traditional' farmhouse design. Heavy florals and warmer tones are beginning to feel dated. We are now looking at brighter pastels and wood colours, with clean lines.

We have you covered if you want to incorporate modern farmhouse into your new kitchen remodel! This article will give tips on creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen that matches your wants and desires!

Neutral Colour Scheme

To achieve a more modern farmhouse style, sticking to light and airy neutrals like white and light grey are the best options. Incorporating light and bright colours will help open up the space while creating a blank canvas to accessorize and decorate. It's important to make sure your modern farmhouse kitchen is not overly busy and cluttered.

If you feel like the kitchen is too white or neutral, an accent of light wood such as white oak will be the perfect way to add some warmth to the space, without making it feel too dark.

tips for creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen

Panelling / Beadboard For the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen 

A great tip to creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen is by adding panelling or beadboard. Whether it's used above the backsplash or as an accent wall, the inclusion of this added texture will help warm up the space. This ode to the past also helps tone down an overly modern space and helps bring the farmhouse style to life.

Glass Cabinets For the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Cabinets with glass are an easy way to incorporate farmhouse style into your new kitchen remodel. Adding glass to your cabinets will help break up a heavily dense space while allowing you to showcase china and glassware. Clear glass is a popular option, but if your looking for something a bit more vintage, reeded glass is also a beautiful option.

Farmhouse / Apron Sink

Finally, last but not least, a farmhouse kitchen won't be complete without a farmhouse sink AKA apron sink. This iconic sink is a staple in any style of a farmhouse kitchen. it can easily be incorporated into a rustic kitchen or a modern farmhouse style. The incorporation of an apron sink helps to bridge the past to the present. There is a wide range of different styles of apron sinks, some are plain ceramic, stainless steel, copper, fluted ceramic, etc, the list can go on and on. Any will do, as long as it also matches the colour scheme you have chosen.

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